Meet our Staff and Board of Directors

WE ARE IN SEARCH OF ANOTHER BOARD MEMBER!! If you are interested, please email The Board or call Dave at (360)-385-3308 . We look forward to hearing from you!


Dan Stranahan, Program Director

One of Dan’s earliest memories is of shrieking in his mother’s arms as she picked pebbles from his face. Young and bold at the top of a gravel two-track, he went for it. Dan crashed hard.Since then, bicycles have continued to be an avenue for him to try, succeed, fail and learn. Dan Studied Design and Sociology at Pitzer College, and in the past has ridden BMX, commuted, and raced XC and enduro. Now, he strives for others to discover riding as a process of internal growth, and sustainable way to get somewhere. Off the bike, you can often find him eating others’ leftovers because he’s been on the bike for a while. Otherwise, he spends his time sewing, welding, and sharing his experience as an ambassador for Advocate Cycles. For more, check out or follow him on Instagram @danstranahan.


Jonathan, born in North Carolina, grew up on the coast of Virginia. He parted out bikes as a kid and arrived in Richmond to study sculpture at VCU with a blue tired banana seated BMX bike, only to fall in love with commuter bikes and bikes that haul things. This led to touring at home and abroad and a life of various jobs around food and education, including driving a bookmobile in Norfolk, VA. His professional bike shop experience started in a small shop in Portsmouth where he was involved in projects that ranged from restoring classic bikes, including one from 1894, to repairing carbon fiber Colnagos. During his move westward with his wife and daughter he spent some time in Colorado fabricating a frame, fork,and a couple of handlebars. He is excited to ride the roads and trails in this area and he hopes to eventually make more bikes.

Casey Reuck, Mechanic

  Casey Reuck grew up in Northern California and never feels quite at home if he can’t see the mountains. He started working on bikes and racing in the late 70’s and hasn’t looked back since. After several years living in the Midwest with his wife’s family, he is now back where he can see both the ocean and the mountains. Casey and his wife have a small herd of bicycles behind the school bus they’ve remodeled and now share with their Krabby Kitty. Casey passionately shares his knowledge and understanding of bicycles, and his enthusiasm shines with an active audience! When not riding his bicycle, reading about bicycles, or repairing them, Casey can be found knitting downtown or in a shady spot sketching the beauty of the area (and if you're real lucky, he may try his hand at juggling for you!)

board of directors

Kees Kolff, President of the Board

Kees   Kees and his wife Helen have been residents in Port Townsend since 1997. Kees graduated from Harvard with an MD and a Master's of Public Health. He served 2 years with the US Public Health service in Puerto Rico as an epidemiologist and then completed training in Pediatrics at the University of Washington.  For 17 years Kees was medical director of the SeaMar Community Health Centers, serving Hispanics, migrant and seasonal farm workers, refugees and other mostly low-income populations in Western Washington.

Since moving to Port Townsend Kees has served as president of Jefferson Land Trust, on City Council, and as Mayor. Most recently he was chair of the Jefferson County/Port Townsend Climate Action Committee and helped develop the newly adopted Climate Action Plan. He recently helped create and chair the newly formed East Jefferson Biomass Committee of the local Sierra Club. Kees and Helen co- founded and live in the Port Townsend EcoVillage,They live in smaller than average homes and share 

many resources like a shop, tools, gas cars, an electric car and a large community garden. They host workshops, have a small CSA, and welcome guests and new members. Kees is currently building a new "super-insulated" energy efficient home. The mission of the ReCyclery fits in perfectly with the sustainability goals shared by Kees, Helen, and their fellow EcoVillage.

Sam Feinson - VP

   Sam rediscovered his love of cycling in the summer of 2006, when he got on a bike for the first time in over a decade. A few years, repair classes, and bicycles later, he couldn't imagine doing without. For him, a bicycle is not just sustainable transportation -- it's a ticket to exploration and fun. After a childhood in New Hampshire, Sam received his undergraduate degree from McGill University in Montreal, and his law degree from Seattle University. Having lived in several cities all over the world, he is now proud to call Port Townsend his home. Sam practices criminal defense and family law when he isn't out riding. 

Lia Johnston

   Lia first discovered the joys and possibilities of biking for transportation after moving to Eugene, Oregon from the car-centric suburb of her childhood. Since then, she has biked for daily transportation, camping adventures, and everything in between. After completing her undergraduate degree at University of Oregon and graduate studies in Austin, Texas, Lia worked as a bilingual speech-language pathologist, serving Spanish & English speaking children and their families. Happy to be back to her Pacific Northwest roots, she is grateful for every opportunity to explore this beautiful part of the world. Lia is inspired by the ReCyclery's dedication to making cycling accessible and fun for the whole community!

Dave Thielk

   Dave Thielk spent the first ten years of his professional life working as an environmental biologist. Most of his research and publications addressed the fate of metals carried by freshwater systems into estuaries, using electrochemical properties of heavy metals to predict toxicity in an aquatic system. During the next 30 years, Dave taught high school science and math courses. Always ready for a change, he left the classroom several times to pursue educational consulting work. His expertise ranged from math and science curriculum development, to systems level school improvement work, to instructional coaching. Throughout his career, a guiding paradigm has been equity and access for all learners. From the age of five till the present, Dave has considered bicycling as his primary transportation mode. He views the bicycle as a medium for freedom, self-reliance, access, mobility and independence. He has maintained his own bikes for 52 years. He currently owns and uses 3 rides, two of which he built from the wheels up. Dave lives on a large urban lot in Port Townsend with his wife, Yuko, their dog, eight hens, and a 2,500 square foot garden. For fun he fiddles, banjos, and calls for traditional Appalachian-style community dances.

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