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Summer ride & Event schedule

Smooth group Ride
The 2nd to last Saturday of every month until September 22nd is the smooth ride. Leaving at 6pm from the shop.
These rides are on pavement/smooth surfaces, do-able on any bike and with any skill level! Rides range from 10-20 miles. *no ride on June 23rd, as we will be doing the Swift Campout!

Fat Tire Group Ride
The last Saturday of every month going until September 29th will be the fat tire group ride, also leaving at 6pm from the shop. These rides are primarily off-pavement, geared toward bikes with wider than 40mm or so tires. This is not purely a trail ride! for that, check out The Broken Spoke mountain bike ride . We want it to be fun on a cross/gravel/non-suspended whatever bike too. If your unsure, bring the fattest tires you have and go from there! Rides range from 10-25mi.

*We leave promptly from The Recyclery at 6pm. Both rides are self-supported, meaning you need to bring your own snacks, water, spare parts/tools etc.-whatever you need for the whole ride. If your unsure of what to bring or need certain things, get in touch. Both rides are NO DROP. Meaning we'll adapt the ride to the ability of the group, and no one is getting left behind. If your unsure about coming on a ride, or which one to go on, we'd rather you come and test the waters!

Afghan Cycles Ride

This year, Afghan Cycles, a film "about a generation of Afghan Women who are pedaling their own revolution" will be screening at the Port Townsend Film Festival. Along with the producers of the film, we're co-hosting a ride on Sunday September 23rd, meeting at the American Legion at 8am and returning in time to grab coffee and watch the screening at The Legion at 9:30am!

Mary Ann Thomas Presentation
Join us to hear Mary Ann Thomas share stories and writing from her experience as a brown, queer adventurer bicycling across India.
She will be presenting at the Pope Marine Building downtown (next to Pope Marine Park Tuesday October 9th, from 7-8:30pm (doors open at 6:30). Admission is free, and if you'd like to make a donation we will be taking them at the door! 

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See you at the shop!

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