Here are the smiling faces you'll see in the shop!

We are humbled to have a creative and silly crew of staff that are not only excited about bikes but are also committed to co-creating a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive future of cycling in Jefferson County. 



DOC RUEK Shop Manager⼁He/Him

Doc grew up in Northern California and never feels quite at home if he can’t see the mountains. He started working on bikes and racing in the late 70’s and hasn’t looked back since. After several years living in the Midwest with his wife’s family, he is now back where he can see both the ocean and the mountains. Doc and his wife have a small herd of bicycles behind the school bus they’ve remodeled and now share with their Krabby Kitty. Doc passionately shares his knowledge and understanding of bicycles, and his enthusiasm shines with an active audience! When not riding his bicycle, reading about bicycles, or repairing them, Doc can be found knitting downtown or in a shady spot sketching the beauty of the area (and if you're real lucky, he may try his hand at juggling for you!)


A small woodland creature of unknown origins with an inexplicable fondness for bicycles and goofiness. Trained as a bike mechanic you can find him wrenching away in our shop. Although mostly friendly please be respectful of personal space, and keep hands away from his face. He can become unpredictable if cornered or frightened, he responds well to treats, mostly nuts and fresh veggies. 

DAN BRANT Mechanic⼁He/Him


JORDYN OLEACHEA ⼁Programs and Operations Manager⼁They/Them

As a lifetime resident of the Puget Sound area Jordyn grew up testing out any and every outdoor activity they could before tipping over clipped in on a fully loaded 80s mountain bike as an adult. From that moment they were hooked (and bruised). Since then bikes have been the foundation on which they have moved through their late twenties. The radical community of cyclists they have met along the way helped energize their passion for promoting sustainability, access and equity and led them to landing their dream job as the Program and Operations Manager at the ReCyclery after a 10 year career in the medical field. Off the bike you can find them making art, enjoying long summer nights, sharing space with other queer folks, spending time with loved ones, making jokes and big chillin'.