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We've got some big news!

On December 23, 2022, The ReCyclery will temporarily suspend public operations (i.e. the repair and retail shop) to focus on developing a strategic plan that makes an intentional shift to our mission of access, education, advocacy, sustainability and above all, community. For fifteen years we have been surrounded by our community's grit, creativity, bicycle donations, and love; from an alleyway adjacent to the Boiler Room to our current home on Blaine Street. However, we are now closing in on two years of negative revenues as well as gaining a deeper understanding of evolving community needs, a global pandemic, supply chain disruptions and impacts of climate change.

Through many tough and tender conversations internally and with our community partners, we have established that our business model has evolved into one that heavily relies on the full service repair shop to financially support program and mission driven operations. This model has not been financially, socially, or humanly sustainable for some time and has left us with few resources to intentionally participate in and grow programs and services that our community needs. We did not make this decision lightly and want to take this opportunity to acknowledge our wonderful mechanic staff who have sustained the organization in these difficult times. If you are able, please stop by and tell them how much you have appreciated them over the years. It is difficult to imagine what the landscape of cycling in Jefferson County would look like without their dedication to creativity in keeping our community rolling.

We are transforming into an organization that focuses on programs, education, and connection in order to empower people and enable access to services and opportunities through sustainable transportation. As we work to become an organization aware and able to be adaptive for the needs of the community, we would love to hear from you in our public comment form. If you would like to take an active role in our transition, we have currently identified some specific needs including serving at the board level in the areas of grant writing and fundraising, participating in a stewardship committee and volunteering to reorganize the physical shop space. We encourage you to stay connected with us as we move forward in developing more ways to be involved.


Finally, it is to you, past, and present employees, volunteers, board members and supporters of the ReCyclery that we owe this ability to transform. Thank you for fifteen years of learning, growing and playing with us. We look forward to creating a space that provides more abundance, sustainability, learning, and bikes.


With a vision toward something bigger than each of us, “Pedal On.”

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