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Freewheels is a ReCyclery program aimed at making bike ownership accessible to all.

Our community partners are integral in helping to connect us with folks who are experiencing barriers to bicycle ownership. Community partner referrals are the primary way in which bike requests are processed, however we are also able to provide bikes to those not connected to a community partner. 

Bikes for the FreeWheels program are prioritized for marginalized community members or families/individuals whose self-reported experience are in the lowest two socioeconomic brackets described here.




Jumping Mouse

Dove House

The Nest

Foster Services

Jefferson County Behavioral Health

Port Townsend School District

Bike Gears

How do I get a Freewheels bike?

If you are already connected with one of our community partners please contact them to complete an application on your behalf. If you are not currently connected to any services please fill out the individual request form or stop by the workshop to fill out a paper form.

I need a specific kind of bike, can you do that?

Yes! While we cannot guarantee that each request will be met perfectly, we want your bike to meet your transportation and physical needs and will try our best to help provide a sustainable and fun bike that you'll love.

How long does it take to receive my bike?

After the request form is complete, we will have you come into the workshop to help us pick out a bike that meets your needs. After this is done, we aim to have the bike ready to roll out the door within two weeks.

How does my organization become a community partner?

Please email to get started.

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